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Best Inflatable Standup Paddle Board Rentals In Maui

Inflatable standup paddle boards are a great way to explore the pristine waters of Maui. From shallow coves and lagoons to open ocean swells, there's something for everyone!

As an expert in Maui inflatable SUP rentals, I can tell you that it's important to find the right board for your skill level and experience. When paddling on Maui's beautiful coastline, quality matters. That's why I only recommend renting from reliable companies with high-end equipment and experienced staff who know what they're doing.

With that said, let me introduce you to some of the top places offering inflatable SUP rentals in Maui – each one has something special to offer and will ensure your time on the water is nothing short of amazing!

Choosing The Right Sup Board

Choosing the right SUP board for your vacation in Maui isn't always easy. There are a variety of factors to consider, including size and weight capacity, rigidity and stability on the water, ease of use and transportability.

But with some knowledge and careful consideration you can be sure to choose an inflatable standup paddleboard that fits your needs perfectly!

When it comes to choosing an inflatable standup paddleboard rental from Maui, there are several things to keep in mind. First off, think about how many people will be using the board at once. If you’re looking for something that two or more people can use simultaneously, then a larger board is likely going to be necessary.

In addition, pay close attention to the maximum weight limit for each model as this could restrict who uses which boards and also affect performance out on the water. Lastly, look into what type of materials have been used in construction; often times brands will offer different levels of durability depending upon cost so make sure you get one that matches your intended usage.

With these tips in mind you'll be able to confidently select an ideal SUP rental for your next trip to Maui!

Rental Rates And Packages

At Maui Inflatable Standup Paddle Board Rentals, we offer competitive rates for all of our board rentals. Our daily rate is $50 with the added bonus of a free lesson included in the cost.

If you're looking to spend more time out on the water, we also have weekly packages available at an unbeatable price of only $125. We make sure that each rental comes complete with everything you need to get started and be safe while having fun: every package includes a pump, leash, fin, adjustable paddle and your choice of size (10′, 11′ or 12′).

We understand that safety should always come first when it comes to standup paddle boarding so we ensure that all boards are checked and maintained regularly.

When you rent from us, you can rest assured knowing that your experience will be nothing less than amazing! So come down today and take advantage of our unbeatable prices – you won't regret it!

Locations Of iSUP Delivery

Are you looking for the best inflatable standup paddle board rentals in Maui? Look no further! As an expert on SUP rental companies, I'm here to share my insight with you.

Here are three tips to keep in mind if you're planning on renting a SUP in Maui:

1. Check out businesses near popular beaches such as Kaanapali Beach and Kihei Beach;

2. Read customer reviews online before booking your rental; and

3. Ask locals about their recommendations for reliable companies.

These days, many of the top-rated rental shops offer delivery services to make it more convenient for customers. Some also provide additional accessories like chairs and umbrellas that can enhance your experience even more!

Whichever company you decide to go with, be sure to ask questions and check that they have quality boards so you can enjoy a safe adventure while exploring the beautiful waters of Maui!

Safety Guidelines

When it comes to renting standup paddle boards in Maui, safety should be a top priority.

With the spectacular views and pristine waters of Hawaii's second-largest island, there are many wonderful places to explore – but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take precautions.

Before heading out, make sure you have the right gear for your intended activity and check weather conditions before getting on the water.

Wear sunscreen and bring plenty of drinking water with you too!

It's important to know your limits when paddling; don't overestimate your ability or try something above your skill level without guidance from an expert instructor.

Always tell someone where you're going and what time you expect to return home.

Be aware of potential hazards like strong currents, hidden reefs, or other boaters in the area, and if possible stay close to shore.

Above all else – listen to professional advice from local SUP rental companies so that you can enjoy your experience while staying safe on the water!

What To Wear When Paddle Boarding

When it comes to clothing for your paddle boarding adventure in Maui, you'll want to make sure that you are wearing something comfortable and appropriate.

A good rule of thumb is to wear clothes that won't get too heavy if they get wet; lightweight shorts or pants work best.

You also should avoid jeans – not only can they be uncomfortable when waterlogged, but the extra weight may cause you to tire quickly while paddling.

For shoes, many people prefer sandals with a back strap as these provide more support than flip-flops would.

Water shoes also work well because their soles don’t slip on wet surfaces.

Lastly, consider bringing along some sunscreen so that you don’t end up with an unpleasant sunburn after all your hard work out on the board!

By following these guidelines and dressing appropriately, you can ensure that your experience will be one of fun and comfort without any added stress caused by ill-fitting apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Can I Rent A Standup Paddle Board For?

You can rent a standup paddle board for as long as you like!

Most rental companies offer options ranging from an hour to multiple days, so it's up to you and your needs.

Depending on the company, they may also have monthly or season-long rentals available too.

Just be sure to check with them beforehand if you're looking for something more than just a day trip out on the water.

Are There Age Restrictions For Renting Standup Paddle Boards?

Generally speaking, there are no age restrictions for renting standup paddle boards. However, depending on the rental company you use and your child's size & skill level, some may require that they be accompanied by an adult.

It’s always a good idea to call ahead to make sure you're aware of any age requirements for renting inflatable stand up paddle boards in Maui.

Are Life Jackets Provided With The Rental?

Yes, life jackets are provided when you rent a standup paddle board.

We understand that safety is key and all of our rentals come with the necessary protective gear so you can have peace of mind while out on the water.

You don't need to worry about bringing anything extra; just show up and we'll take care of the rest!

Is There An Additional Fee For Delivery Of The Rental?

Delivery of paddle board rentals is usually available for an additional fee. It depends on the company, but most offer delivery and pick-up services at a cost.

This can be convenient if you don't want to lug your rental around Maui yourself.

Make sure to ask about the exact details when booking your rental so that you know exactly what to expect!

Is There An Option To Rent A Board With Additional Gear Such As A Paddle Or Leash?


Most rental companies offer a board and paddle option, so you can stay safe out on the water. You might also be able to request other gear like a leash or life vest if needed – just ask when reserving your rental.

That way, you'll have all the equipment necessary for an awesome day of paddling around Maui!


If you're looking for the best inflatable standup paddle board rentals in Maui, I'm your go-to expert.

Rentals are available from a few hours to multiple days, and there's no age limit as long as all safety requirements are met.

Life jackets come with every rental at no extra cost, and delivery is available for an additional fee.

Plus, if you need any extra gear like paddles or leashes, just ask and we'll provide them for you.

So don't hesitate – contact us today and start planning your perfect day on the water!


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