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Why Our Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards?


Quick and Easy Setup!

Simple setup that gets you out on the water in minutes!


It's ready when you are!

Throw it in the trunk and use it at your convenience!


Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards take up about as much space as your backpack!


Made from strong, puncture resistant materials so that the board can handle what you can put it through!


Made with a wider surface area and thicker construction to provide extra stability for people of all experience levels!


Suitable for all sorts of water conditions and activities like normal paddle boarding, yoga and more!

Low Cost!

One of the least expensive opportunities to enjoy Maui's waters!


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Get up to $50 off an Inflatable Paddle Board Rental!


Book Now for $100/Week!

Find Adventure In the Paradise of Maui!

With our inflatable stand up paddle board rentals, you'll have the ocean at your fingertips! You can easily pack four iSUPs in your trunk so you can get on the road and go, whenever you want!

Get up to $50 off an Inflatable Paddle Board Rental!


Book Now for $100/Week!


Just ask our happy customers!


We rented four inflatable SUPs for our family while in Maui and it was one of the best decisions we made when we booked our trip! Super easy and quick to set up and we could get out on the water off of Lahaina evening for sunset!

Dobby B

I had my doubts at first as I had never used an inflatable SUP before but it was awesome! Shocking how stable they were and it was an easy setup that took only a couple minutes to get on water! Awesome!

LouAnn G

I recently rented an inflatable stand up paddle board and I absolutely loved it! The board was easy to inflate and deflate, making it great for taking with you on quick trips. It was also incredibly stable when I was out on the water, which was great for me as I don't paddleboard much. The rental process was smooth and hassle-free, which made the experience even better.

Stephen T

I recently rented an inflatable stand up paddle board and I'm so glad I did! It was so much easier to transport than a regular board and setup was a breeze. I was able to take it out on the water in no time and had an amazing time paddling around. The board was surprisingly stable and gave me great balance while I was on it. The rental process was simple and straightforward, making the whole experience very stress-free.

Tom M

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Get up to $50 off an Inflatable Paddle Board Rental!


Book Now for $100/Week!

Frequently asked questions

Are there any discounts available for multi-day or group rentals?

Yes! We offer multi-day discounts for rentals longer than a week or more but the best discount is this limited time offer that only lasts while you're on this page! Take advantage of this now!

Are there any age or skill level restrictions for renting an inflatable SUP?

The inflatable stand up paddle boards are easy to use for beginners to intermediate paddleboards to experts! The simple set up makes for a great time for users of all experiences! That being said, users should be of legal age and those underage should be accompanied by an adult 18 years of age or older.

What is included in the rental package (paddle, pump, leash, life jacket, etc.)?

Included in this offer is everything you'll need to get out on the water including a standup paddleboard, carrying case backpack for all of the materials, a high-pressure pump, leash for the paddleboard and a removable fin for stability!

What are your rental policies regarding cancellations, refunds, or rescheduling due to weather conditions?

Maui's weather is usually just about perfect but there are those occasions where it's better to stay off of the water while in Maui. Since you'll be renting the entire inflatable paddleboard package from us, it will be at your discretion to use the equipment safely and responsibly. We don't cancel your reservations based on the weather or weather conditions. With that being said, there is a 48 hour, pre-reservation cancellation policy. For more information, see our cancellation policy.

What is the weight limit and size of the available inflatable SUPs?

While meant for a single person, the paddle board is strong enough for two average-sized people. The weight capacity is 370 lbs. NOTE: the paddleboard works the best with a single person.

Can the inflatable SUP be transported to another location, or must it be used at the rental facility?

When you rent with us, you're renting the paddle boards to use at your convenience! We may provide locations of recommended places to go, but you can use the inflatable paddleboard wherever you find is safe enough and has good enough conditions to paddle!

Make the Most of Your Time in Maui and Enjoy the water when YOU want to!

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Get up to $50 off an Inflatable Paddle Board Rental!


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